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18th December 2014 - What a year 2014 has been!

BRASILIANS2In 2014, 2K Plus has:

 - reported from two major sporting events

 - had more radio stations than ever before broadcasting our two weekly programmes

 - received more response than ever before from listeners!




Find out more here:

FIFA World Cup, Brazil and Commonwealth Games, Scotland

Planet Sport, weekly radio programme on international sports

Planet Sport Football Africa, weekly radio programme for football fans in Africa

Thank you for your interest and support this year that has helped us introduce thousands of sports fans to Jesus through media.

2015 promises to be another land-mark year for us.  As well as continuing our two regular radio programmes we will:

  • Unveil our new name at a launch event in London on 5th March
  • Produce programmes and features for the Cricket and Rugby World Cups
  • Arrange regional meetings with elite sports people discussing their sport and faith
  • Announce a new membership scheme to enable supporters to get more involved

We look forward to your ongoing support, prayer and encouragement in 2015, as together we seek to introduce more sports fans to the Lord Jesus Christ, trusting that they will become his followers and active members of his church worldwide.

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The 2K Plus team wishes you a very happy Christmas and God’s richest blessings in 2015.



20th November 2014 - Valued friends; precious partners

Brian Pearson

Brian Pearson has an enduring passion for sport. For over 50 years he has been participating in sport – as a football referee for 22 years, as an umpire and coach for the England and Wales Cricket Board, and as an enthusiastic cricketer for Somerset Over 60s.

He’s also a former trustee and Chair of 2K Plus, and every year for the past 6 years he has travelled to the USA to represent us at the annual North Coast Calvary Chapel  Mission Fair.





29th October 2014 - South Africa mourns top sportsmen

Mbulaeni MalaudziIn the last seven days South Africa has lost two of its top sportsmen in separate, tragic incidences. On Friday, former 800m World Athletics Champion, Mbulaeni Mulaudzi (left) died in a car crash in Johannesburg. He was just 34 years old. Two days later, on Sunday, Senzo Meyiwa, captain and goalkeeper for the national football team, ‘Bafana Bafana’, was shot dead in an apparent robbery at his girlfriend’s home south of Johannesburg. He was 27 years old.



 24th October 2014 - Our family will always be richer because we have a faith in Jesus

Tu Nu’uali’itiaMany rugby fans dream of playing in the Rugby World Cup.  Western Samoa scrum-half Tu Nu’uali’itia played in two World Cups, in 1991 and 1995.  At Ellis Park, Johannesburg in 1995 he scored a memorable 50-metre try in the quarter-final as the Samoans went down 42-14 to the eventual winners, South Africa.

Tu knows the benefits of growing up in an environment where faith was key. But it wasn’t until he had a family of his own that he took the step of knowing Christ personally.

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Listen to an interview with Tu where he tells his full story...


15th October 2014 - You’re going to end up bitter…

Kerron Stewartand you’re going to end up quitting and blaming the world for things not going right in your life.”

So says Kerron Stewart, Jamaican 100m and 200m sprinter. But what provoked such a comment? Well, she was talking about dealing with injury without God in your life. She said: “You can believe and train for 8 months and step on the track and get hurt. What is going to help you get over that? Only your belief and faith in God…”

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16th July 2014 - I call it Wonderful – Bravo

Christ the redeemer - rioDuring the Word Cup tournament, 2K Plus has received a phenomenal response from listeners to our English language programmes, particularly those in Africa. Listeners in the Gambia, Sierra Leone, Malawi, Kenya, Namibia, Uganda, Mozambique and South Africa have been great correspondents, in addition to listener comments from the UK, Ireland and the USA. In the USA, one broadcast partner has been using the material, supplying over 400 stations across the country.

Overwhelming response has come from the Gambia, where one listener posted on social media:

“You and your team really added salt and pepper to this World Cup. Your morning programme and updates gives beautiful taste and insight of the game. You guys just got it all done. I call it wonderful… bravo.”

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16th July 2014 - Farewell Rio

German teamThe last Planet Sport - Destination Rio programme was on Monday (14th July) and included fan comments on the previous night’s World Cup final as well as looking at highlights of the time in Brazil.

Many observers felt this was the best World Cup ever; it certainly was a great event for 2K plus as we’ve been overwhelmed by the fantastic response from and interaction with listeners. 

As for the final itself, there was some disappointment among the 2K Plus team with the feeling that the final didn’t really live up to expectations. 2K Plus Sports Reporter, Stuart Weir commented: “This has really been a World Cup without an outstanding team and it was therefore no surprise that the 2014 final went to extra time. But in the end it’s hard to argue that Germany did not deserve to win.”

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9th July 2014 - It’s all gone quiet….

Brazil shirts…unsurprisingly, after the devastating defeat suffered by Brazil in last night’s semi-final game. They’ve certainly made the record books, but for all the wrong reasons:

  • The first World Cup semi-final where 7 goals were scored
  • Brazil’s biggest defeat ever at a World Cup finals.
  • Brazil’s first defeat  at home in a competitive match in 39 years

2K Plus team members Steve and Solomon watched the game from the Alzirao fan park in Rio de Janeiro where the team has watched several games of the tournament. After the match clearly the fans were in shock, not knowing what to say.

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9th July 2014 - No way out

The Bangu penitentiary complex is a maximum security prison located in Rio de Janeiro. It houses around 80,000 prisoners, as many people as could fill Twickenham rugby stadium, including young people between 16 – 21 years of age.

2K Plus went along to meet Luke Simone, a British ex-pat, working with the Brazilian Baptist Church among the young offenders.

“They are children and young adults who have done serious crimes or have done crimes on a repetitive basis – they are repeat offenders,” explains Luke.

“Sadly the reality for some of these boys is that they have not done any crime. They are basically the one who has been labelled as the one who will take the blame for the crime that was done by other people.”

Being the fall guy for others comes from the fact that different communities in Rio are ‘owned’ by different gangs running a drugs and arms trade. Living in close communities where all the goings-on are known, many young people live in fear and feel they have no other options.    [Read more]

3rd July 2014 - From Crack to Christ

Adrian and Brandao 1‘Crack Land’ is a suburb of Sao Paulo, Brazil’s largest city, and is so called because of the high level of dependency on drugs by the people who live there in extreme poverty. Crack refers to the widely used drug.

Five years ago Brazilian Christians started to work in ‘Crack Land’. Since then over 1400 people who used to live on the streets, addicted to drugs, have now been rehabilitated, and a community within ‘Crack Land’ known as ‘Christ Land’ has been established.

As 2K Plus reports from major reporting events around the world, we take a look at the wider issues in the society and what God’s people are doing to bring the Gospel and encourage lasting change in those situations.

In today’s Planet Sport - Destination Rio programme, Adrian Barnarad spoke to Fernando Brandao (left), the President of the Brazil Baptist Home Mission Board which launched the ‘Christ Land’ project, to find out more.

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3rd July 2014 - Listeners reflect on African teams performances

Algeria fansMonday saw the last of the African teams leave this World Cup, with Nigeria and Algeria both losing their second round matches. As listeners have had a time to reflect on the performances, the 2K Plus team have been so encouraged by the response and interaction with them. Many comments have been sent to the Planet Sport - Destination Rio programme or posted on Facebook.

“African teams are undergoing a transition in the World Cup games due to the fact that we are represented by two nations in the second round in Brazil which never happened before.  Algeria scored four goals in a single World Cup game and Gyan scored more World Cup goals than any other African person in such a world competition,” commented a listener in the Gambia.

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25th June 2014 - Half Time

steve and stuart in rioThe 2014 World Cup is about half-way through and the Planet Sport team have been producing the daily 30-minute programme Planet Sport - Destination Rio as well as the weekly Planet Sport and Planet Sport Football Africa programmes, sound bytes and various stand-alone interviews and features.

The working days are long but the team are enjoying it. You can see here, programme producer Steve Vickers and sports correspondent Stuart Weir working away, and thanks to What’s App they are getting a very encouraging response from listeners, particularly in Africa.

Here’s just a few…

25th June 2014 - Standing on Borrowed Legs

Steve Vickers“Changing your nationality means standing on borrowed legs.  You will always be who you are, no matter how you change your nationality…. Appreciate what you have.”

So says a listener to Planet Sport - Destination Rio in Gambia, in response to Saturday’s programme which discussed players changing their nationality.

Diego Costa of Atlético Madrid, who gained 2 caps for Brazil in friendly games last year but applied for Spanish citizenship, was in the Spain squad for this World Cup. However it wasn’t popular. He was being booed and jeered by Brazilians in the crowd at the Maracana as Spain played Chile.

So, in the following day’s Destination Rio programme, Steve Vickers (left) posed the question:  Is it unpatriotic for players to switch nationality or is it just part of modern football?  Read more...

20th June 2014 - Introducing a Christian Perspective in World Cup programmes

Planet Sport - Destination RioAs the world’s only Christian sports media agency we strive to reflect a Christian perspective in our radio programmes.  But what do we mean by this and how does it work in practice?

During the World Cup we are producing a daily, half-hour programme called Planet Sport Destination Rio.

In the first show we included an interview with Colombia striker Falcao, who is missing the tournament through injury.  He spoke about coping with disappointment and shared his testimony of coming to faith in Jesus. In one of this week’s shows we featured an interview with former professional footballer in Iran, David Parinejad.  He spoke about his football career, Iranians’ passion for football and his own journey to faith from the majority faith of his country.  It’s a moving story which you can hear at www.planetsport.tv.

Planet Sport – Destination Rio also explores aspects of life in Rio de Janeiro, where the team is based during the World Cup.  Reporters Tom Ellis and Andy Bloss went to Cicade de Deus, The City of God, a low-income community in Rio made famous by Fernando Meirelles’ 2002 film of the same name.  They were showed around by an Anglican priest, Nicholas Wheeler, who lives and works in the community to find out how the church is supporting this damaged community.


The drugs barons and gun fights highlighted in the film are still there.  Just last Sunday a 13-year-old boy was killed in the cross-fire of a gun battle between drug dealers and the police.

We have also spoken to football fans on Copacabana Beach who have come to Brazil to support their teams.  Down among them we found members of local churches and mission group YWAM, chatting to fans and looking for opportunities to share their faith.  This is another aspect of life in Rio we have covered, reflecting the desire of Christians in Brazil to share more than football with visitors to the World Cup.

Please pray for the effectiveness of these programmes and that listeners would be open to finding out more about knowing and following Jesus.

You can listen to Planet Sport – Destination Rio on iTunes and online at www.planetsport.tv

18th June 2014 - These people are just crazy about having fun!

Mexican coupleSo said Steve Vickers, Planet Sport Destination Rio programme producer, as he watched last night’s Brazil - Mexico game from the Alzirao fan park near the Maracana Stadium.

It seems that a fairly mediocre game ending in a 0-0 draw does nothing to dampen the Brazilian fans enthusiasm.




16th June 2014 - Fair play?

Monday’s game between Germany against Portugal saw Germany’s Thomas Müller score the first hat trick of this World Cup, helping his side to a 4:0 win. However during the first half Müller went down under a challenge from Portugal defender Pepe.  Pepe was sent-off but many observers felt that Müller’s reaction was greatly exaggerated, possibly trying to influence the referee in his decision.
This raised a lot of questions about fair play and sporting behaviour among the Planet Sport team and provoked some listener comment too. [more]

 11th June 2014 - Let’s go to the beach… 

 The famous Copacabana Beach with Sugarloaf Mountain in the background presents a different side of the rough and tough city life of Rio de Janeiro. Every Carioca loves the beach. It will be one of the places where city dwellers and tourists alike will be following the 2014 World Cup on the big screen.

Don’t know what a Carioca is?  Check this out

Not everyone’s on the beach though.

At the 2K Plus team headquarters, just up the road from the Maracana stadium, Steve Vickers has kicked off the Planet Sport Destination Rio programme series today, posting the first daily programme online. The programme really sets the scene of Rio and gives listeners a feel of what it’s like to be at the World Cup. Listen to the programme on www.planetsport.tv

 Copacabana Beach
 More...  Copacabana Beach Rio de Janeiro



 28th May 2014 - Great Brazilian Talent

Go Cart - SennaMention Brazilian talent with only 15 days until the first game of the World Cup, understandably everyone thinks of football. And whilst football dominates in Brazil, and the name Pele still holds sway, it’s not the name of Brazilian talent.

That belongs to 3 times world motor racing champion, Ayrton Senna. [more]


Ayrton Senna karting 1992  

28th May 2014 - The Countdown has begun!

Last month we introduced Planet Sport - Destination Rio, the daily, 30-minute programme, being produced by the 2K Plus team during the FIFA World Cup.
A trailer has been made to promote it to radio stations with a number now indicating that they will be including it in their programme schedule. Stations in Malawi, South Africa, Sierra Leone and The Gambia are among those looking forward to the programme and the other additional material we will be producing.
Click here to listen to the audio.            


23rd April 2014 - The World Cup Dream

Brazil flag

“I always dreamed about playing in the World Cup, I think it’s the biggest event in football and perhaps in the world, and I always dreamed of being there, representing my country.”

Words that can be spoken by any keen footballer, but which international player said them?  More...


26th March 2014 - Athletes in Motion

Fraser Pryce portrait


The Laureus World Sports Awards ceremony, hosted by Benedict Cumberbatch, took place in Malaysia today. Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, reigning women’s Olympic and World 100m Champion, Olympic silver 200m and World 200m Champion, was nominated for Sportswoman of the Year. Although she missed out to swimmer Missy Franklin, 2014 is still off to a good start for her.

The World Indoor Athletics Championships in Sopot, Poland yielded Gold in the 60m and who knows what the Commonwealth Games will bring.

At the Sainsbury’s Indoor Athletics Grand Prix in Birmingham in February, 2K Plus reporter, Norman Brierley got to chat with her, along with Kim Collins and Augustine Choge, about the Games and other things. Here’s what they had to say… [more]

To hear more from Shelly-Ann particular on the subject of her faith, listen to the rest of her interview with Norman Brierley here

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce Olympics 2012 [Photo: Martin Bateman Enigma Sports]


 Radio Jonglei

destruction due to fighting


Planet Sport is regularly carried by 45 stations, and one of those stations really needs our prayers. Radio Jonglei, in South Sudan, has been off the air due to the conflict between government troops and rebel forces, and has only just started broadcasting again.

Read more... 




The book’s getting better and better each day

Richard BrowneSo says Richard Browne, the American T44 100m World Record Holder in Paralympic Sport.

The 22 year-old’s life changed forever 6 years ago. It was a stormy day and the then 16 year-old junior high school student ran to take shelter in a nearby laundromat. In his rush to avoid the storm he slipped and went crashing through the glass front door. The broken glass severed a main artery in his right leg causing permanent damage. Over the next 3 years Richard underwent 14 operations but despite the best efforts of the surgeons, they were unable to save his leg and in 2010 it was amputated at the knee.

2K Plus reporter, Norman Brierley, met up with him at the Sainsbury’s Indoor Athletics Grand Prix, in Birmingham on Saturday 15th Feb.... [more]

Photo: Norman Brierley   


Harvest Home Concert

Harvest Home

Join us for an evening of music and laughter at St Mary’s Church, Broadwater, Worthing, 7.30 - 9.30pm on Saturday 15th March – and help support 2K Plus International Sports Media.

Electric folk band Harvest Home is in concert, and there’ll be refreshments, competitions and prizes. Tickets (including a glass of wine or soft drink) are £10 for adults, £4 for under-16s and £25 for a family ticket (2 adults and up to 3 children under-16), and bookings can be made here or by calling 07986 362487.

register online now!

All funds raised during the evening will support the work of 2K Plus, with a special focus on reporting this summer from the World Cup in Brazil and Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

The Art of Goalkeeping

“It is the only position on the pitch where you cannot afford to make a mistake.”

Julian Speroni  Julian Speroni, Crystal Palace goalkeeper

Read more to find out about saving goals and saving grace with Julian Speroni (Crystal Palace) and Brad Guzan (Aston Villa).

World Cup 2014 planning trip

"Football is not a sport in Brazil.  It is a religion."  That’s according to Christiane Paquelet, Cultural Director of the Brazilian Olympic Committee who showed me round the Olympic Exhibition in Rio last week.

During our eight-day planning trip to Rio de Janeiro ahead of next year’s FIFA World Cup, football was everywhere. [read more] 

Oscar EwoloRoutine, Superstition or Something else?

Professional sports people train hard and can have quite a structured life of diet, fitness regimes and sleep patterns. But what happens when routine turns into ritual or even superstition?  

Here's a short article for you to reproduce in your church magazine or newsletter...

          Adobe PDF document version


Oscar Ewolo - taking a stand against juju in African football

Be Ready to Smile

Devotional Booklet - coverAs well as talking about the work of 2K Plus with visitors at the Christian Resources Exhibition in Birmingham earlier this month, Adrian and Pete were promoting some of our resources, including the devotional book A Sporting Month with 2K Plus.

Henry Olonga, former Zimbabwe Test Cricketer says of the daily devotionals: “These pieces will inform, help and inspire – and while reading them, be ready to smile.”

To put a smile on your face, we’re offering 2 copies of A Sporting Month with 2K Plus for the price of one. So, one for you and one for a friend - a Christmas present perhaps?

To get your 28 days of undated ‘profound, challenging… and slightly quirky’ Christian reflections which are sports-focussed and thought-provoking, Contact Us to place your order.

A Sporting Month with 2K Plus costs £2.99 plus £2.00 postage and packing.

 Sports and Tea

hamperSomeone who’s smiling this month is Mark Green from Cheshire. He won the highly competitive sports quiz that 2K Plus ran at the Christian Resources Exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham earlier this month.

Each competitor was timed as they answered sports questions, and their name and time were posted on our wall. Completing all the questions correctly in just 13.2 seconds, Mark bagged himself a ‘tea-time goodies’ hamper. This is what he had to say:

“It was great to meet the 2K Plus team at CRE Midlands… and hear of the wonderful work they are doing using sport to start building the gospel message. It was made even better to win the Tea-Time hamper, and I know my kids will be delighted in the treats when they come back from school. Thanks to the team and God bless them in their work.”

 2K Plus in Rio

As team members fly out to Rio later this month to arrange accommodation and other logistics ahead of the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ , the 2K Plus 10 for 10 scheme is under way. By giving £10 every month for the next 10 months leading up to the World Cup, supporters are contributing to the costs of reporting from one of the world's biggest media sporting events.

Find out what we've got planned for Rio and join the 10 for 10 scheme, or donate online.

Read more....

Some days…

You’re on the winning side; some days, not so much.

Norman BrierleyOn a recent trip to Kenya, 2K Plus Africa Development Manager, Norman Brierley, wanted to interview Catherine Ndereba, the women’s marathon runner, who won silver medals in the 2004 and 2008 Olympics. As well as marathon running, she works for the Kenyan Prisons Service - Norman’s first hurdle. Here’s how it went: More....




In the Shadow of Doping

Whilst he has good memories of previous World Athletics Championships, Norman Brierley reporting for 2K Plus from Moscow, was disappointed at the shadow that doping cast over this year’s Championships.

Trouble was brewing long before the event got under way with high profile athletes Tyson Gay (USA 100m Champion) and Asafa Powell (former 100m world record holder) both failing drugs tests. Then on the eve of the Championships, the world governing body for athletics, the IAAF, announced that from 2015 athletes found guilty of doping will be given a four year ban, twice the current level.  More....

 IAAF World Athletics Championships in Moscow 10-18th August 2013

2012 Olympic stadiumAs the Sainsbury’s Anniversary Games at London’s Olympic Stadium, part of the 2013 IAAF Diamond League, have now come to an end, our thoughts turn to the next athletics event which is the IAAF World Championships.

The Championships started in 1983 and now take place every 2 years. The 16th World Championships are scheduled to be held in London in 2017, giving the city a chance to shine again, but for now our focus is on Moscow.

2K Plus have reported on 4 of the last 5 Championships and seasoned 2K Plus reporter Norman Brierley will be in attendance again this summer. We caught up with him to find out more.

Anniversary Games at the London Olympic stadium (Photo: Enigma Sports) 

Kaka on the Champions League

A few weeks ago 2K Plus correspondent, Stuart Weir, met with Real Madrid and Brazil mid-fielder, Kaka. Their conversation covered a number of topics not least next year’s World Cup in Brazil but also the 2007 FIFA World Player of the Year’s thoughts on the Champions League.

Some of the interview has already been broadcast as part of our Planet Sport and Planet Sport Football Africa programmes, with more coming up in the future. But here’s a taster of what Kaka had to say about the Champions League.

Playing the Champion’s League is a great experience for any player who has the opportunity to do it. The Champions League is the competition that comes closest to the World Cup, just a little lower than the World Cup. While it’s a European competition, it involves the best players in the word and the best clubs. I find it a hard and challenging competition but playing in the Champions League develops you as a player. Being able to play in the Champions League for a big club every year makes it a unique experience.


Planet Sport Football Africa off to a great start!

Goal line technology was just one of the issues that got the new Planet Sport Football Africa programme off to an exciting start. The recently launched weekly 15 minute programme focussing on African football is being well received by listeners with a number of them posting comments on the dedicated Facebook page.

Presenters Solomon Ashoms and Steve Vickers, along with sports correspondent Stuart Weir, shared their thoughts on goal-line technology which is being introduced into Europe at great expense. With issues of cheating and corrupt referees, the questions were raise as to whether this technology is needed in the African game and if it can be afforded.

Listeners in Gambia responded via the Facebook page, with one stating: “I know it’s very expensive but we should have goal-line technology so that all this controversy can stop.”

[read more]

Planet Sport Football Africa 

2K Plus has launched a new weekly 15-minute radio programme called Planet Sport Football Africa. With Africa’s favourite game developing and growing, there is great interest across the continent in African players both in the home clubs and those playing abroad.

The programme includes news analysis, discussion of current stories, interviews with players, coaches and officials, as well as feedback from listeners from their posts on Facebook. “The programme will take an informed and passionate look at issues and stories in African football,” says Steve Vickers, programme producer. Not only that, but it will bring a Christian perspective on life issues to African football fans and provide a platform for Christian players to share their testimonies.

[read more]